About Us

About Us

Director's desk

Welcome you on behalf of Raman Business Services Pvt. Ltd (OPC) to our Inaugural function. OPC stands for One Person Company.

My name is Ramesh Raman and I am the Director/Owner of this Company! This is my second entrepreneurial venture. I am an ex-Banker and Banking / Soft Skills Corporate Trainer. While recently discussing a business venture with friends and relatives, one point which struck me strongly was that in about 6.5 years of being a Corporate Trainer/Faculty, I had interviewed close to 1000 youngsters aspiring to be Bankers, and had to sadly reject more than 80 % due to their English communication, or rather, the lack of it! Almost similar rejection rates are found by Corporates during Group Discussions and Interviews in the recruitment process. And I thought why not start with Spoken English classes, which are badly needed by job aspirants, housewives, senior citizens, persons travelling overseas, and members of the general public.

We hope to make a mark with our unique methodology and look forward to your support, wishes and blessings to be successful in all our business ventures! Thank you once again for joining us. Namaste! Jai Hind!


Specialised training service aimed at the varied business verticals / corporates, institutions, with a view to developing professionalism and adapting to domestic and international standards.


We are driven by rigorous knowledge, quality and innovative teaching channels and methodologies demonstrating an openness to change Values training services unlock the value of your professionals' knowledge and talent.

Value Proposition

Our core focus is training on regulations and standards, issuing accreditations and activity reports recognised by supervisory bodies. Our proximity to supervisors and regulators gives us a competitive advantage in anticipating the market. Training delivered by working professionals.