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Why RBVPL is the best?

We bring you up to the latest standards with customized and business-specific training courses, which can be carried out flexibly, either on-site at your company or at the RBVPL Training Center.

  1. Mission - Specialised training service aimed at the varied business verticals / corporates, institutions, with a view to developing professionalism and adapting to domestic and international standards.
  2. Values - We are driven by rigorous knowledge, quality and innovative teaching channels and methodologies demonstrating an openness to change Values training services unlock the value of your professionals' knowledge and talent.
  3. Value proposition - Our core focus is training on regulations and standards, issuing accreditations and activity reports recognised by supervisory bodies. Our proximity to supervisors and regulators gives us a competitive advantage in anticipating the market. Training delivered by working professionals. 

Director's desk

Respected Principal Guests, Press Members, Faculty Members and my dear friends, Namaste!

Welcome you on behalf of Raman Business Services Pvt. Ltd (OPC) to our Inaugural function. OPC stands for One Person Company. 

My name is Ramesh Raman and I am the Director/Owner of this Company! This is my second entrepreneurial venture. I am an ex-Banker and Banking / Soft Skills Corporate Trainer. While recently discussing a business venture with friends and relatives, one point which struck me strongly was that in about 6.5 years of being a Corporate Trainer/Faculty, I had interviewed close to 1000 youngsters aspiring to be Bankers, and had to sadly reject more than 80 % due to their English communication, or rather, the lack of it! Almost similar rejection rates are found by Corporates during Group Discussions and Interviews in the recruitment process. And I thought why not start with Spoken English classes, which are badly needed by job aspirants, housewives, senior citizens, persons travelling overseas, and members of the general public.

We are happy to see the positive response from across the spectrum! As mentioned in our website,, English is a language spoken largely across the world, and a popular language for websites, corporate email, social media like Face book and Twitter, United Nations, Govt correspondence, newspapers and magazines.

Overall Good communication skills in English could fetch an employee an additional 20-30 % salary, say global surveys! Why, in our own Chennai, when we go to a teashop, we ask for Tea or Coffee, not Theneer or Kulambi (according to Senthamizh!). 

The UK has made it mandatory for immigrants to learn English within a prescribed period, or face being evicted. In China, the Govt runs a nationwide program for all citizens called “Let’s learn English” to compete better with India in BPO, KPO and LPO! From Spoken English Coaching now, we are also into School Tuitions for students of 9, 10, 11 and 12th standards.

We will go on to add Bank Exam Coaching next month, Training for Bankers in Soft Skills/Trade Finance/Credit Operations, Property consultancy/brokerage, a packaged Legal Assistance service for House Owners towards evicting problematic Tenants, and so on. We aim to be a multiple service provider in future. Our tagline is “CHASING EXCELLENCE…” and we aim to have Quality and Excellence as our Watchwords in whatever we do. We work 7 days a week, from 9 am to 6 pm. We will provide Value for Money to our customers.

We deliver English skills to the trainees through interactive classes of Speak, Listen and Reply…no fancy gadgets, just Gurukul style! We will, on request, provide 1 to 1 English Coaching classes to anyone, including Executives preparing for promotion, NRIs, persons travelling overseas on Work Permits, etc. with a differential pricing. We will also, on request, go to Corporate Offices, or organize special batches in our centre for Corporate staff, or in a venue like a Training Centre or a Star Hotel, to help them hone their English skills, quite essential for success! I request you to help us help by spreading the word around to enable people acquire Spoken Essential skills. We expect to open our Second Centre in about 3 months, and you will keep hearing or seeing news about our Company. We hope to make a mark with our unique methodology and look forward to your support, wishes and blessings to be successful in all our business ventures! Thank you once again for joining us. Namaste! Jai Hind! 

Training & Coaching Programs

Modes of Training: Batch/ One to One/ Home based (according to the training program)



Our flagship program to improve Spoken English communication skills!
Duration: 40 Hrs
Session: 2hrs Weekdays / Weekend

This program effectively enhances communication and confidence, and provides trainees the requisite skills to seek a job, get a promotion, attend a Visa Interview, travel abroad, network comfortably in social gatherings and meetings, etc.

SPEAKENG UPSCALE is our Advanced English training program.



Our program to qualify in Bank Exams (IBPS) and other similar Aptitude Tests.
Duration: 20 Hrs
Session: 2hrs Weekdays / Weekend

This program develop skills in solving Math, Reasoning and other Aptitude Tests.

Program includes mock/simulation tests and discussion of shortcuts. The program effectively improves speed, accuracy and confidence in tacking the challenging Aptitude Tests!



Offered to Colleges and Corporates. College offering includes Students, Professors and Administrative/Support staff.

Customized programs offered according to the needs of the customers.



Offered to bankers at all levels.

Customized programs offered keeping in mind the specific needs of the clients.



A rapid 1 day effective program to understand the functioning of Stock Markets and Share Price Analysis.

Program is conducted with a lot of examples and live analysis of several shares for better understanding.



Ideal for Final Year College students. A 1 or 2 day, comprehensive preparatory program for corporate life.

Includes preparation of CV, participation in a Group Discussion, handling an Interview, tips on Attire, Grooming and Etiquette.

Includes mock Group Discussions and Interviews..



For Teachers/Professors/Trainers.

A comprehensive program to enable the trainer get maximum participation, involve trainees in class, impart knowledge and skills in an effective manner, increase the retention capacity of trainees through use of various Training Tools and Training Aids, etc.

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Ramesh Raman


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Our Clients

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